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	ToyPanic - Toys, figures, collectibles & PS4 games in Malaysia

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["", "Best Online Toy Stores In Malaysia [2021]", "The online toy stores in Malaysia are a great place to find the latest and most innovative toys for your kids of all ages.
Whether you're looking for educational, physical or imaginative playthings,
these online toy stores offer a wide range of products that will suit any taste.
If you're looking to buy online then there's no better time than now!", "Success Stories: ToyPanic Achieved Over 80% Growth in Revenue", "We spoke to the fun and exciting ToyPanic, a Penang-based online store specialising in hobbies, toys, figures, collectibles & games.
ToyPanic is one of the most sought-after specialised toy stores in Malaysia, and with the demand they’ve been receiving, they decided to grow their business further, bring it online, and make it available for a wider audience to get hold of what they’re looking for.", "Best toy store in penang? Toy shopping at Toypanic!", "If you ever visit Penang, don't miss out on checking out one of the best toy stores there! Tons of product offerings to satisfy your demand! Prices are very competitive and definitely a great deal for those coming in with higher currency compared to malaysian ringgit!", "Big Toy Haul From Toypanic!", "I have totally no memory of what i bought online from ToyPanic so , since i am stuck at home, this is the best time to unbox all the toys that i bought online!!", "Toypanic review by Awesome Toys", "Review by Awesome Toys on the website and the box packaging by Toypanic.", "UPSTART: Not just child's play from The Edge TV", "Meet the two childhood friends who quit their jobs and mortgaged their homes to create Malaysia's first action figure line.", "Jackal of the night", "Toy collecting for adults is big business these days.", "With prices and values of collectible toys reaching dizzying heights online, it has somehow justified the fanaticism of adults who found it hard to grow out of their awesome childhood.", "Witnessing the burgeoning appreciation & value in collecting figurines, Ethan Tang and Aaron Leow opened up a toy store called Toypanic.
The enterprising duo joins us to talk about their passion for action figures and how it has changed their lives so far.", "Meet the guys behind JackalX, Malaysia’s first action figure line", "KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 22 — Are you one of those people who thinks only kids collect action figures?", "Then you have to talk to Penangites Ethan Tang and Aaron Leow who would know a thing or two about action figures or “toys” (some collectors hate this word).", "Action station", "WHEN it comes to their \"toys\", boys can be super sensitive.
I should know, having received an earful by one for saying the wrong thing.", "All I asked my friend was if he ever took his Black Widow (a character from Marvel comics) toy out to play with him.", "For a full 15 minutes then on, I was at the mercy of his incredulous lecture. \"You don‘t play with it! You buy it, keep it as original as possible and admire its beauty,\" he chastises, adding: \"And it's called an action figure. Not a toy.\"", "Meet this Penangite who’s making money from action figures", "Having been inspired by action figures like the Power Ranger, Transformers, Centurion, M.A.S.K, Starcom, Macross, Ultraman, Thundercats, Silverhawk, Voltron and Ninja Turtles from a young age, Ethan Tang is now making a livelihood from his hobby.", "", "IN-STOCK", "PREORDER", "DAILY SALES", "BIB", "Sign In", "(+) Advance Filters", "", "", "In Stock", "DW-E04 Prime Commander", "", "In Stock", "PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller (Midnight Black) Import Version", "", "In Stock", "Switch Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons Limited Editi...", "", "In Stock", "DW-E02 Monitor Officer & DW-E03 Big Surge Set of 2 Figures", "", "In Stock", "DW-E01 Destroy Emperpo & DW-E02B Monitor Officer Set of 2 Figures", "", "In Stock", "BS-01B KO OS Optimus Prime", "", "In Stock", "LS-06 Tank Mega Commander (Megatron)", "", "In Stock", "AM-01 / LS-11 Ancient Monsters (KO Oversize AOE Scorn)", "", "In Stock", "APC-004 Dark Master Black Crystal Version", "", "In Stock", "DF-07 Flame Devil (Beast Wars)", "", "In Stock", "LS-01 Ares Nitrogen (KO Oversized)", "", "In Stock", "LS-02 / BP-02 Bottleneck (KO MPM Barricade)", "", "Soldout", "E.A.V.I. 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Eating #13 (KFC Snek Jimat B)", "Michael Keaton says putting on the Batsuit for The Flash felt “shockingly normal”", "1/72 Tornado (HA6703 ) From Hobby Master", "Toypanic Weekly Update Episode #4- Star Wars, Marvel, DC and More!", "Let's Cakap-Cakap Episode #32 (Unbox & Review of Batarang from Neca)", "Toypanic Weekly Update Episode #3- New Iron Man and Power Rangers!", "Testimonials

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