Asia gaming community and game server provider is now in fusion! Play for free in our public server, or rent a premium server from us! to OneAsiaGamer!
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Asia gaming community and game server provider is now in fusion! Play for free in our public server, or rent a premium server from us! ()

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["Asia gaming community and game server provider is now in fusion! Play for free in our public server, or rent a premium server from us!", "Click on the picture to order. If your desired games is not here, don't hesitate to contact us!", "Further Informations:", "- Unlike our free server, premium server will have good latency network around China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.", "- You will got your own unique IP and port, and you can also customize your host name and rDNS ip, so every people who connects to your game server will have no idea who is your host (no branding from us).", "- You can have FTP access for your game files if you ask, for maximum customization possible. You can customize every configuration in the game, including uploading custom maps.", "- We can add mumble server for free if you ask, in additions of the game server.", "- Payment is via PayPal. Pay 1 year and get some discount!", "- Server is racked on Epsilon Datacenter, Singapore.", "", "", "", "OneAsiaGamer", "", "home", "order", "steamgroup", "gamebans", "contact", "Rent a Server", "", "", "", "Team Fortress 2
Click to order!", "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Click to order!", "If you want to rent a Singapore game server in Asia from us, we can provide it for cheap. Proudly powered by OneAsiaHost!
Our massive network infrastructure made it possible for excellent and low ping latency connections into various countries in Asia such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, as well as direct connectivity into Australia, US and Europe.
See other player abusing a game? Have new ideas, suggestion or questions? Don't hesitate to Contact Us!", "", "SELLING A GAME SERVER!", "Our Premium Servers"]