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["Casino Management Batch 2019", "", "Casino Management Batch 2019", "Blackjack Training", "Roulette Training", "Casino Management Batch 2019", "", "", "", "", "", "", "Players playing a game in casino", "Poker dealing course covers card dealing fundamentals, such as check handling, dealing techniques, game protection and hand reading. Students learn the physical skills needed to be a poker dealer, such as shuffling, dealing and spreading cards. Other professional techniques include boxing the deck, managing wagers and the dealer's grip. A poker dealing curriculum also comprises the rules for Texas Hold 'Em, Carribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker read more +", "Blackjack dealing course incorporate the proper way to shuffle, handle checks, cut cards, back up the deck and manage players. Students also learn about equipment used, the rules and object of the game, doubling down, multi-hands and splitting hands. Relevant trade information includes such topics as licensure, casino security and insurance policies. Training often encompasses the proper appearance, attitude and behaviour necessary for a dealer read more +", "This course emphasizes precise and quick mental multiplication while covering table layouts, wheel memorization, game pacing and overall procedures. Students learn how to push, pull, muck (switch chips in and out of hand) and size chips, as well as concepts such as single bet pay offs, cashing out, buying in, ball spinning, odds, patterns and sweeping. Roulette dealer courses do not require prior knowledge of table games, so they can be taken at any time. read more +", "“Pontoon” means an Ace and any card having a point value of 10 dealt as the initial two cards to any player or the Dealer, except that this shall not include an ace and a ten point value card dealt to a player who has split pairs. If the Dealer has any 10 point value card or an Ace as their first card player has the option to surrender half their original wager at the completion of the initial deal. In this game students will particularly learn about the modes of payment. read more +", "So, What are you waiting for? Contact Us. Start your exciting new casino career today!", "Our Gaming & Hospitality Institute is your best shot for starting exciting new career in the casino gaming & hospitality industry. Neon provides casino training in Nepal. Our Gaming & Hospitality Institute provides training and job placement assistance for the most popular casino & resorts around. Neon is a casino training institute, located at Anamnagarchowk, Ghattekulo, Kathmandu. Multi-game enrollment packages are also available which increase your chances of landing to the great casino dealing job you desire.", "...HERE ARE FEW SNAPS THAT WERE CAPTURED IN TRANSIT OF SEMINAR THAT...", "... we have a immense pleasure to provide some snaps form our first...", "Copy © Neon Casino Gaming", "Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions", "Facebook", "Neon Institute of Casino Gaming", "Neon Casino Gaming", "Home", "About us", "Courses", "Casino Courses", "Other Courses", "Team Members", "Student Details", "Faq", "Contact", "", "", "Poker", "", "read more +", "Blackjack", "", "read more +", "Roulette", "", "read more +", "Pontoon", "", "read more +", "FEW SNAPS FROM POKHARA SEMINAR", "GALLERY DE STUDENTS", "", "Privacy Policy", "Terms and Conditions", "Poker", "Blackjack", "Roulette", "Pontoon", "Neon gaming & hospitality institute", "News and Events"]