Murderous Maths: details of the books and characters, tricks, hints, activities, strange calculators and games to play on your computer!
The Official MURDEROUS MATHS site!
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The Official MURDEROUS MATHS site!

Murderous Maths: details of the books and characters, tricks, hints, activities, strange calculators and games to play on your computer! ()

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["Watch lots of activities, fun and facts at
Kjartan's Lockdown Videos", "Take the chance to AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY with a stunning magical flexagon!
Kjartan Poskitt's FLEXOMANIA book and demo video is available in full online for free.", "", "Do you need to catch up on your maths?
Mastrelli Maths Online Tutoring Services mixes maths with fun to provide the pefect boost for KS1, KS2 and KS3 children, at a time to suit you.", "Plus our mate Steve Skidmore from THE TWO STEVES has organised lots of other online fun and learning resources here...", "Take care - we're all in this together!", "", "We're the gang from the Murderous Maths books and we hope you enjoy our site.", "Some of our most popular pages are shown here, otherwise you can find what you want using the link bar at the bottom of the screen or the full contents page.", "Teachers and homeschoolers might be interested in the guide to the maths in the mm books otherwise try the teacher resources or our A-Z guide.", "MATHS SHOW You can book the Murderous Maths creator Kjartan Poskitt for shows or appearances or watch him do some tricks on you tube.", "You might even find some of the hidden links (try clicking on us, or the MM banner above!) or if you really don't know where to start and you're feeling brave... try the mystery tour!", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "USA VISITORS PAGE", "", "", "", "The Little Apple Bookshop", "", "", "", "", "Kjartan's Lockdown Videos", "FLEXOMANIA", "", "Stuff To Do And Make", "Learning Fun", "Tricks and Games", "Mastrelli Maths Online Tutoring Services", "THE TWO STEVES", "", "TWITTER", "", "K-PUZZ page", "Three Magical Colour Illusions", "", "DAILY KJARPOSKO PUZZLE!", "", "full contents", "guide to the maths in the mm books", "teacher resources", "A-Z guide", "MATHS SHOW", "watch him do some tricks on you tube", "", "", "", "", "STUCK AT HOME?"]
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