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2bcom Think Team, All Rights Reserved.", "Trough intelligent technology, adapted and implemented tailored to your needs, we consistently exceed expectations and keep your audience engaged.", "We believe in usage of strategic creativity based on the insights obtained by analysing both you and the targeted market.", "We develop smart and effective strategies to help you understand what content you need, how to create it and how to get your audience to engage with it.", "By using multiple channels and tools to amplify your message we deliver integrated solutions that will raise your brand awareness.", "OUR COMPANY FACTS", "", "Respect and efficient approach to our client", "Dedicated team with experience in different domains (BTL, Strategy, On-line, PR & Media)", "Clear & easy to follow work procedures sustained by on-line support center to keep track of project statuses", "1 to 24 h Response Time (Service Level agreement) for any project", "Custom developed productivity solutions to be used in order to ensure maximum efficiency", "shop.discovery.ro", "Shop.Discovery.ro reaches beyond the television screen to bring viewers the wonder and mystery of the Discovery world. Each of the three channels is in tune with the lifestyle of its target audience and in turn consumers are looking for more opportunities to engage with the brands.", "Many products are unique in Romania, being specially designed and produced for Discovery channels. Others are exclusive, they are not to be found on any other e-shops in Central and East Europe, much less Romanian market. They are perfect for children, young and adults.", "", "Let’s get to know each other", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "About us", "WHAT WE DO", "Special Projects", "Portfolio", "Contact", "Menu", "More about us", "Discover our capabilities!", "All", "3D", "GRAPHIC CREATION", "MOBILE", "PHOTOGRAPHY", "SOCIAL NETWORKS", "VIDEO", "WEB DEVELOPMENT", "Sheraton Bucharest", "zoom", "view", "", "", "", "", "", "Sheraton Bucharest", "Michelles Events", "zoom", "view", "", "", "Michelles Events", "Stejarii Country Club", "zoom", "view", "", "", "", "", "", "Stejarii Country Club", "A & D Pharma", "zoom", "view", "A & D Pharma", "Sai Sira", "zoom", "view", "Sai Sira", "Solacium Pharma", "zoom", "view", "", "Solacium Pharma", "Acvatic Bebe Club", "zoom", "view", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "Acvatic Bebe Club", "LED.RO", "zoom", "view", "", "", "LED.RO", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "Discover now!", "", "Home", "Special Projects", "WHAT WE DO", "Portfolio", "Click aici pentru mai multe detalii.", "", "", "Respect and efficient approach to our client", "Portfolio", "Let’s get to know each other", "We deliver results through customised web design and development,", "content, creation, media campaigns and much more.", "Digital & Interactive", "Strategic consulting", "Content Planning & Execution", "Public Relations", "Our team is suited to handle all aspects of your projects as we offer:"]