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["Call us today:", "0800 975 11 11", "Due to COVID-19, you have may found yourself with limited or no use for your vehicle.", "", "If you currently have Taxi Insurance with One Answer, some insurers have allowed alternative cover options such as the delivery of food, pharmaceutical goods and small parcels to avoid you unnecessarily having to cancel your insurance policy and as a way for you to continue operating. Please call our customer service team on 01323 481444 to find out more.", "", "If you are considering cancelling your insurance policy, there are a few things to consider;", "", "If you lease/finance a vehicle, the company you lease the vehicle from would require you to keep the vehicle adequately insured as part of your lease agreement. Therefore, you will need to seek authorisation to leave the vehicle without any in place.", "", "If you are the registered owner of the vehicle, it is your responsibility to keep the vehicle insured. If you chose to cancel your insurance policy, you will need to consider whether you may need to use the vehicle and where the vehicle will be parked before you cancel.", "", "It is a requirement of the Road Traffic Act that you must at least have third party insurance cover to drive a vehicle, or to have your vehicle parked on the public highway in the UK.", "", "Therefore, if you intend to continue driving your vehicle, even if it is for a weekly trip to the shop or pharmacy for necessities, you will need to have insurance to avoid any motoring convictions and for any claims to be covered.", "", "If you do not intend to drive the vehicle and the vehicle will be parked on your drive, in your garage or on other private property, you could consider cancelling your insurance, however, without insurance it will not be covered against fire, theft or other damage and any no claims bonus you are currently accumulating will be invalid. To later reinsure your vehicle, a new deposit would also be required.", "", "If you are currently paying by direct debit and you have payment queries, please contact Close Brothers Finance on 0333 321 8566 who will be able to assist.", "", "One Answer Insurance understand that these are challenging times and are working had with our insurers and finance provider to find solutions where possible.", "Business Operation Update For Our Customers", "", "The health, safety and wellbeing of our visitors, customers and employees visiting or working at One Answer Insurance is of paramount importance.  At all times, and especially in this uncertain situation, we want to assure you that your safety and wellbeing and that of our employees, is our highest priority.  We are continuing to monitor and react to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation as it evolves, and we remain dedicated in our commitment to provide every customer and employee with the highest standard of service and care.", "", "For payments on policies we are currently only accepting payments via the telephone using a bank or credit card.", "Please call 01323 481 444 to speak with a Customer Service Advisor.", "", "From the outset, we have been following and complying with government guidelines, making operational changes immediately as the guidance changes.  We have, and will continue, to ensure that we take all measures to allow you to continue dealing with us in confidence.  Be assured that as soon as we become aware we could do something more to improve our services at the time, we will do it.", "", "We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your co operation during this difficult time.", "", "One Answer Insurance Services", "", "For all your insurance needs", "Since 2000, we have been providing a personal service to our customers, offering very competitive products and prices for all their insurance needs, through many of the UK’s leading insurers.", "Our friendly and experienced team are waiting to talk to you, so contact us today to see how we can help you and your family.", "Driving in the EEA after Brexit", "Whilst the position with Brexit continues to change, if at anytime the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement in place, and in the absence of a specific agreement to the contrary, you must carry a physical Green Card while driving your vehicles in the European Economic Area (EEA) and some other countries (Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland).", "Drivers with a UK driving license travelling in the EU and EEA Countries may also need to obtain an IDP (International Driving Permit).", "Click Here for more information.", "I called One Answer today and a young chap called Delaine dealt with my query. He was very helpful and assisted me with many different questions...
More", "Hamid E - Jan. 2017", "1/7", "Great service and Christopher Sapsford really helped with all the issues I was concerned about. Highly recommended", "Charles C - Jan. 2017", "2/7", "I have used One answer for over 2 years for my Public Liability Insurance, and recently went to them for my Employers Liability Insurance. They offer a prompt efficient service...
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