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["Live Dealer Casino", "Play Online Casino Games and Get Bonuses", "In the recent history, we couldn’t imagine land-based casino in online mode. Online casinos were the place for basic casino games with no live chances included. Players were not interested in those games and didn’t believe in the fairness of the results. When live casino appeared, it seemed that casino customers changed their mind. They started to spend more time on live casino sites and enjoyed live dealer experiences. Today, live dealer casino chances are an irreplaceable way of amusement and fun. We can only recommend you to read this review and find about real opportunities.", "Selection of live dealer casino games", "Players who are not familiar with live dealer games should consult expert reviews. In the next list they can find the most played live dealer casino adventures:", "• Live Blackjack", "• Live roulette", "• Live Baccarat", "• Live Poker", "• Live sicbo", "• Other live games", "All these games are a fantastic chance for new players. In the next rows, we will take a short look at each one and give some clarifications.", "Live Blackjack", "Live Blackjack adventure is the game with long history. The rules are simple to learn and apply. Customers play against the dealer and they aim to beat. In order to achieve this, the player should have the hand higher than the dealer without exceeding 21 scores. If the hands are equal, there are no winners and players have their cash back.", "Blackjack games start when the player places the bet. It continues with dealing the cards by courpier. He deals two cards to the players and two to himself. During the game, players have multiple options to choose. They can hit, stand, double down, split, insurance or surrender. With hit option, the player asks for a new card. Stand means that no further cards are available. Double down options mean that player doubles initial bet and receives another card. Split option sets in motion when player gets a pair of cards. Following this, he can choose to split the pairs and play in separate hands. Player should place the new bet on another hand.", "Insurance is an option if the player receives Ace as face up card. Surrender means that player holds the hand at certain point and surrender a part of an initial bet. It is the rare option in live blackjack.", "Live roulette", "Live roulette is simple to understand and play. The features of the game are the wheel with 36 numbers, zero pocket number and table with the same numbers 1-36. Players select their bets until the dealer stops them with no more bets statement. The dealer spins the wheel and the roulette ball falls on the pocket. If you choose the right pocket, you are the winner. Live dealer marks the pocket with the dolly. There are inside and outside bets included.", "If you consider taking part in live dealer roulette, we can recommend you some variations:", "1. American roulette", "2. European roulette", "3. French type of roulette", "4. Asian sort of live roulette", "American roulette overview", "American type of roulette slightly differs from the European one. The game includes the same features: table, wheel, ball and live dealer. The only difference represnets numbers on the table/wheel. American roulette includes not only 1-36 combinations of the number but also 0 and 00 options. It means that American live dealer game has 38 possible results. Consequently, there are lower chances to hit the winning combination.", "European roulette", "European roulette differs from American in pocket numbers. It includes 1-36 combinations and only one 0 options. It means that players have a higher chance to hit the winning combination. Both American and European roulette have the sam payouts but different odds of winnings. That is the reason why most customers prefer European type.", "French Roulette", "The next type of roulette comes from France. French roulette is the same type as the European one with the same wheel, table, and one zero pocket. As a result, payout and odds are similar. French roulette has only one distinctive – La Partage rule. If you place even bet on outside pocket and ball rests on zero, you lose a half of the bet.", "Asian Roulette", "Asian roulette reminds of the European type. It also includes a wheel, table and one zero element. The only difference from the European is the sequence of the numbers. Make sure you sample Asian type too.", "Live Baccarat", "Live baccarat represents easy to master live dealer game. The player of the game can bet on three possible options: player, banker or tie result. The main part of the game leads the dealer. Here are the basic rules for beginners:", "• The dealer gives two hands (one for banker and other to the player)", "• Players place the bets ( there are three outcomes: player, banker or tie)", "• The dealer deals two cards to both sides", "• The winner is one whose hand is closer to 9", "• Value of the cards differs: Aces are zero, 10 or picture are zero and other cards have the face value", "• The best combination is 2 cards with 9 total score (natural) or two cards scoring 8 results (natural 8)", "• There are additional cards dealt to the player/banker", "• If the value of the first two cards is 1-5, thirds card is drawn", "• Score 6 or 7 includes no more cards", "• 8 or 9 result is natural and no more cards are drawn", "If you are interested in baccarat variation, here you can find the list of possible modes:", "• Mini Baccarat", "• In running baccarat", "• Progressive Baccarat", "Mini baccarat version", "Mini baccarat offers the same experience as standard baccarat type. We can only observe the slight difference in table layout. In addition, mini-baccarat has only one playing box while standard baccarat includes seven gambling boxes. Interested players can sample mini-baccarat in 888 casinos, William Hill, Unibet, Bet 365 and Paddy Power.", "In running baccarat", "In running baccarat belongs to the most complex live dealer games. With this baccarat type, players can bet on various options during the game. In running baccarat also includes different handicaps and odds for players and banker and you need to learn the whole strategy. Sample in running baccarat on Bet 365 and learn the rules quickly.", "", "Progressive Baccarat", "The last place on the baccarat list takes progressive baccarat. This is another sort of live dealer with progressive jackpot included. While you play this type, you can take advantage of the side bet and earn progressive jackpots. The game is available on Playtech Asian platform.", "Live dealer poker", "Poker live dealer is the following online chance. The rules of the game differ from the standard poker. Here you compete against the house and the deal happens in the real time. Up to date, casinos have developed some of the greatest poker titles. It includes Texas Holdem, Casino Holdem and Caribbean Stud Poker. Play them on reputable software providers like Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution Gaming.", "Live sicbo", "Sic Bo is a traditional Chinese game called tai sai. Sic Bo in English means dice bowl. As you can assume, SicBo game includes 3 dices and you need to predict how to dice will roll. In the beginning, players place the bets and then the dice rolls. Players are able to bet as much as they want. Payouts are based on the paytable amount. Sic Bo belongs to the most preferred games in the Asian continent. Western countries are less interested in this experience. However, we can see Sic Bo provided by some developers like Playtech, HoGaming or Bodog88.", "Other live games", "Dragon Tiger represents typical live dealer games with clear rules. You can find it on CMD 368 platform and enjoy its benefits. Here are the general rules of the game:", "1. Players bet on dragon, tiger or tie outcome", "2. The dealer deals one card to tiger position and other to dragon position", "3. The winner is one with the highest card", "4. King is the highest option and Aces lowest", "Dragon Tiger is an available option on multiple gambling platforms. You can play it on Leo Vegas, William Hill, Uni Bet, Bet 365 or Paddy Power. The game comes from reliable developers like Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Ho Gaming, and OpusGaming.", "We can also mention one more live dealer adventure called Pai Gow. With Pai Gow you should make two hands and beat the dealer. Each hand includes 7 cards and they are split in low and high hand. The low hand consists of two cards while the high hand includes up to five cards. Pai Gow comes from China and you can enjoy it on Asian Platforms.", "If you are a Singapore resident, we recommend the top-rated casino platforms. Check out the following sites and enjoy 22 Bet casino, Fortune Jack platform, IW casino, PlayOJO place, and EU casino. All these places offer generous bonuses and have high scores from regular players. Other places for Singapore players are Party casino, Rich platform, Unibet, Casino King, Bob casino and Cleopatra place.", "Live Dealer Casino", "Menu", "Casino games", "Casino live dealer", "Live Casino", "Online slots machine", "Menu", "Online poker", "Online Casino in Singapore", "Online Blackjack", "Lucky slots Singapore", "Live dealer Singapore", "Casino Games", "Online Dealer", "Newspaperly WordPress Theme", "Casino live dealer", "Recent Posts", "Categories"]
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