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["", "Tempor adipiscing porta a in eros eros sodales non dis ut ullamcorper aliquam tellus nisl. Lluctus nec ullamcorper mattis.", "", "What an experience it was. I enjoyed every second of it. Actually, I did not want it to end.
The way it was all so organize, not a minute went to waste. I learned much and not only Yoga.
Our togetherness, our sisterhood, all made me feel fulfill. I loved the hotel, my room in nature my outdoor bathroom and my hammock in the front. All together made me feel full of love and gratitude.
Our trips added to that feeling and so were my early walks on the beach. The food was beyond tasty. The most gourmet, healthy, nutritious meals I ever had. It also added to my entire good feeling. And the Yoga, what an experience. I loved every minute and did not miss a session. The set up for the classes, the drinks and the hot and cold towels, all served so beautiful, took it to a higher level.
All of our social time together was very enjoyable. The singing, the mandala, the campfire it all added to an unforgettable experience.
I want to congratulate you both, Adriana and Shaynee, for a job WELL DONE!!!
I can’t wait for my next retreat with you !!!", "Orly A.", "Can’t even put into words the magic of this weekend! Beyond incredible! Forever grateful… thank you infinity! Love you!! till the next time jungle sisters!", "Darrah G", "Felt like a dream….
Anahata’s journey took us through this sacred part of the world that led us to see ourselves and the mystical parts of life.
I met friends that now we have a very common bond: Our experiences through the Colombian jungle together.
I highly recommend these retreats as a means for spiritual richness and growth.", "Karla D.", "To the sexiest, most mystical jungle, where we had the sweetest flow, swam in waterfalls, climbed mountains, met the real avatars, and saw the ocean meet the river.", "Carolyn T.", "This is a “Mamo”, which the Wiwa’s, an indigigenous tribe of the Sierra Nevada, consider to be their spiritual leader. Their lives differ from the rest of the men in their tribe in many ways, but one way stood out to me most. Our translator was explaining that the Mamo’s don’t see nature as “Mother” Earth. When he began my instant internal reaction was defensive. I thought, “what?! Of course she’s ‘Mother’ Earth! she gives us life!” He procedeed to explain that mothers give everything for their children. Mothers give with no limits. They give without holding back. We take and take from our mothers; we milk our mothers dry. Mothers would die for their children. So instead, Mamo’s view earth as a sister, because a sister gives but you respect her boundries. You take but you give back! You use your resources without abusing. You accept her gifts and you protect her. I took this lesson with me in my heart and I hope you will now carry it in your too.", "Andrea C.", "Email address:", "", "Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy", "Mail: [email protected]
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