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["Each of the specialized companies associated with ULEMJ BUILDINGS consists of a number of highly qualified
and experienced individuals. These individuals have a unique combination of backrounds in infrastructure
development and practical implementation experience in thier fields of expertise. This unique combination enables us
to implement the best available technology in a practical sense in a developing environment", "We are a one of the leading construction, manufacturing, trade and service groups in Mongolia", "We manufacture vacuum-insulated windows, doors, aluminum windows, doors, facade.
We work in construction, food disturbition, food processing and service sectors.
We closely cooperate with our customers and we invest heavily in our future growth and development.", "Our corporate culture is characterized by our pursuit to bring the best and most innovative solutions to our customers
As one of the nation's fastest growing groups, Ulemj engages diverse business activities in vital industrial sectors
including construction, manufacturing, trade and services.", "More we take care of our most valuables, those shall bring greatest fertilities.
Our Customers
Our Business Partners
Our Employees", "To build a highly civilized and globally acclaimed Mongolia.
To become the leading group that utilizes great intelligence and knowledge of Mongolia being mingled with modern
For A Better Mongolia!", "It is a long established fact that a read page when looking at its layout.", "UB Bayangol Mongolia", "Pbx: +99114461", "The standard chunk of Lorem Ipsum used.", "Term and Condition |
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